How can I find out what my item is worth? Is there a cost? 
No matter where you are, we will always provide a free valuation of any item you present to us.  Whether in person, via email, or text, we have experts in nearly every category, and there is never a cost or obligation to you.

I see you are located in Florida, but I live in California and have a large military collection.
I could never ship anything that distance.

We have representatives traveling the U.S. and the world year round.  In addition, we attend and set up at multiple shows and venues throughout the country and may be in your area at any time. We have the vehicles and expertise to assess, pack and transport collections and items back to our gallery to be placed in our regular scheduled auctions.

Do you Auction real estate?
Yes. Affiliated Auctions & Realty auctions as well as lists in traditional manner residential, commercial and vacant real estate property.

Is Affiliated Auctions Licensed and Regulated?

Absolutely.  Our auction company is licensed in the state of Florida, as well as other states and is regulated by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.  In addition,  we are a registered personal property appraiser, licensed property insurance broker (this assists when appraising personal property from an insurance standpoint), licensed real estate brokerage, and GIA Alumni to name a few.

I consigned my item into auction, but it did not sell. What happens now? How much will I be charged?

If it does not sell during its first run, your item will run a second time.  Your item will be returned to you if it does not sell during its second run.

You seem to sell all types of items in your auctions.  How do I know what to consign and what type of items will you look at?

From coins to jewelry, fine art to handbags,  and military items of all conflicts, we are interested in checking out all of your items that may be of value.  We are also a licensed real estate broker and a federal firearms licensee (FFL). 

What does your fee or commission cover?

There are no hidden costs for descriptions, photography, or facilitating delivery to the buyer. Everything is included in our fee.