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  • What types of items does Affiliated Auctions specialize in selling?
    Affiliated Auctions specializes in a wide range of unique and valuable items, including military artifacts, firearms, gold coins, silver coins, antiquities, and art. Our expertise in these specific categories allows us to provide specialized auction services for collectors, enthusiasts, and investors who are interested in acquiring or selling these sought-after items. Whether you are looking to consign or purchase rare military memorabilia, vintage firearms, precious coins, ancient artifacts, or fine art, Affiliated Auctions is dedicated to providing a professional and transparent platform for all your auction needs.
  • How do we estimate value of an item?
    Affiliated Auctions utilizes competitive auction platforms such as LiveAuctioneers to estimate the value of items based on recent sell prices. By leveraging these platforms, we are able to gather real-time market data and assess the current market value of each item. This method allows us to provide accurate and competitive valuations for items up for auction, ensuring both buyers and sellers receive fair and transparent pricing.
  • How do I sell an item with Affiliated Auctions?
    The consignment process is simple and straightforward. All we require from our customers is a signed contract accompanied by an inventory sheet detailing the items they wish to consign. Once we have received these documents, our team will take care of the rest, including the cataloging, marketing, and selling of the consigned items.
  • Does Affiliated Auctions offer pick-up services for items that cannot be shipped?
    Yes, if you cannot ship your item, then there is no need to worry. The team at Affiliated Auctions can come to you. We travel the United States year-round to pick up items for auction. Whether you have large, fragile, or unique items that require special handling, our experienced team will ensure safe transportation to our auction location. Simply contact us to arrange for a convenient pick-up time and location, and we will take care of the rest.
  • How often are auctions held by Affiliated Auctions?
    Auctions are held two to four times a month. Our schedule ensures frequent opportunities for buyers and sellers to participate in auction events, showcasing a diverse range of items for sale. Whether you are looking to consign items for auction or are a buyer seeking unique, high-quality items, our regular auction schedule provides ample opportunities to engage with our auction services.
  • When will my item be sold?
    Items typically take between 1 - 2 months to be sold after the date they have been received. However, this can be expedited upon request. Affiliated Auctions strives to ensure that the auction process is completed efficiently and effectively for both sellers and buyers. If you have a specific timeline in mind for the sale of your items, please feel free to communicate your needs with our team, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.
  • When will I receive funds for my items?
    Affiliated Auctions allows 2 weeks for bidders to make payment for items won at auction. Once payment has been received, customers have an additional 2 weeks for items to allow for returns. This timeline enables bidders to manage their payments and gives sufficient time for items to be collected or shipped. We understand the importance of providing adequate time for both payment and clearance, and our policy reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience.
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